Curious Daughter Tries Anal With Dad

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Delilah Cass

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9,372 5.0
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dag3262 Sep 26 2017
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if you are into daddy fetish this is the video for you to watch daddy help his little girl learn about anal sex
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Ghostman_MD - Top reviewer Dec 5 2017
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Delilah and Daddy role-play. Plus anal... just great!!

nathernile Nov 14 2017
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Very much into this video! Really enjoyed the role-playing. Delilah is so gorgeous and this video is well worth it! Love me some hairy red bush!!

All of my friends at school are talking about how they've had sex and I feel so left out. I really want to know what it's like but I don't want to try it with just anyone. I need someone I can trust. With mom out of town I could just ask dad. I've trusted him forever and I know he'd help out his little girl. My friends told me they thought he was hot once and ever since then I've sort of wondered what it'd be like to fool around with him just a little. I get kinda tingly all over thinking about it. Maybe he could teach me about anal sex so I don't get pregnant and can still be a virgin. Oh my God, what if he actually would slide it in me? God, I wonder what it would feel like to have dad's cock in my ass. I feel so naughty. Shot in 1080p HD, this taboo video is a hot addition you need in your collection. The video features taboo sex, dirty talk, anal training with anal beads, a blowjob, anal sex in doggie, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions and a cumshot in and on my tight little ass. The actors appearing in the video are not related. It is merely daddy-daughter roleplay. Tags: Delilah Cass redhead redheads hairy bush pierced nipples long hair daddy roleplay stepdad blowjob blow jobs anal creampie doggystyle doggy ball sucking/licking bareback butts close-ups creamy cumshots cum play cut dicks deepthroat gagging dirty talking eye contact fucking foreplay moaning fetish nudity/naked role play riding rough sex wet & messy taboo daddy