Kayla's Extreme Feet

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custom video - My feet are known around the world as THE BEST FEET ONLINE - for a multitude of reasons. For some it's my silk soft soles, others it's my sky high arches, or the dexterity of my toes, while some enjoy my Andalusian spree above all else. There are a million other reasons to adore My feet but whatever your reason - this video is sure to please. Spend several minutes up close and personal with my bare feet - pale blue pedicure and toe ring while I show off the extreme natural flexibility of my big toe - unlike the other recent toe flexibility clip, this one I use only the strength and flexibility of my big toe to pull them back as far as I can to the top of my foot. You will be in awe at how expressive & how incredibly flexible My feet are, so much so no other feet will ever compare