Jerk & Edge & Save your Cum: Day 5



British / Netherlands
10:41 min - Sep 07 - .WMV - 470.42 MB
This is day 4 in a week-long task. Day 4 Step 1: Get your cum receptacle from yesterday Step 2: Follow my instructions Your are committing yourself to Me by saving your cum in that cum cup of yours. You have been thinking about the Cum Guzzling Finale coming up soon on day 7. Thinking about every detail; How will it taste? Will you be able to handle it? Will you be able to consume every drop or will you gag? Now is time to stroke for Me as fast as you like as I brainwash you effortlessly. Countdown: Jerk as fast as you can but don't you dare cum until I get to zero, when I eventually get there. I am good at counting backwards VERY slowly to Torment you on the edge. It's all for a purpose- to fill up your cum cup with every drop, ready for day 7