Encounter with Dr*nk Stepmom - Mommy


Nikki Lane

American / the Interwebz
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Today has been an extremely rough day to say the least. So when I got home I made myself a stiff dr*nk to help me relax. I found you home by yourself, and I was grateful there was someone home I could talk to. Maybe it's the liq*or making my tongue loose, but I have to say I've always thought you were an attractive boy. I know it may be weird because I'm your stepmom, but still I thought you should know. And maybe it's the liq*or in me that's making me so horny as well. I just want to do naughty things to you and with you so that I can forget this terribly bad day. Maybe we can bring each other a little pleasure. You wouldn't mind that would you?I want to start off by you touching me down there, pleasuring me with your fingers. And maybe I can take your cock in my mouth. Have you ever had your cock sucked before? I'm sure you would enjoy it immensely. And you know you can always stick it inside of me. I want to ride your young cock and forget all my worries. Wow, this liq*or has me wanting to do so many bad things
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