How It's Going to Happen


Goddess Lanie

American / Lanie Land
13:18 min - Sep 07 - .MP4 - 330.41 MB


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You want it. You crave it. And you're going to have it. I paint a vivid, descriptive picture of what your first experience with cock will be like. His thick, veiny, hard dick in your mouth. Your dick in his ass while you reach around and stroke him. His cock pounding you as you build up cum with each thrust. You're just a cock craving, f*g and you can't get enough. If this session doesn't have your mouth watering for dick, then maybe you really are straight. Either way, you ARE going to try cock for the first time. With me, but I'm sure you'll be BEGGING for more. I make it pretty convincing, you'll see. *Have your favorite porn ready. NOT the sexy women you fake to enjoy. You know what I'm talking about