Grab Bag #1

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Empress Mika

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108 5.0
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Flamingoro - Top reviewer Oct 27 2017
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Who doesn't love a surprise? I loved it. ^.^

DrWangFei - Top reviewer Oct 5 2017
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:D What an amazing idea!

Hello, My clip addicted losers! I see you are back, yet again, to spend all of your money on buying My clips. Well, today I have a very special treat for you all! I thought it would be fun if we played a little game together. You do like games, no? Doesn't matter. All you have to do to play is buy this clip. Easy, right? What you will receive is a random video from My extensive clip collection that I have personally hand picked for this grab bag. So, you could get something new or something old, something with a fetish you love or something that completely grosses you out. It really could be anything! And best of all, it could end up being a clip you have already bought! LOL! That would be so perfect for you losers! Regardless, there is no telling what you will receive, but I have a feeling you will love it no matter what so long as I am in it. So, are you hopeless little addicts ready to try your luck? Become More Addicted: Fetishes: Games, Brat Girls, Humiliation, Financial Domination, FinDom, Money Fetish, Verbal Humiliation, Humiliation, Female Domination, FemDom, FemDom POV, Half Asian, Goddess Worship, Princess