Dinner date goes gay

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oscjt69 Sep 8 2017

I just wish I can see more of you

You and I had an amazing dinner! You took me exactly where I wanted to go, let me order anything off of the menu, and even took care of any drinks I wanted! We had so much to talk about regarding life, future hopes, and even a little bit of sexy talk, but now it's time to go home. As you lean in for the kiss goodbye I randomly grab your hand and pull you into my awaiting taxi. I begin to rub on your thigh, up and up and up, with gentle squeezes to let you know my intentions. "I want to see you get fucked." I whisper. A weird way to say it but who are you to correct a buzzed beauty dragging you back to her place? When we get there, I pull you into my room and sit you down on the floor. "I want to see you get fucked.." I say, again, this time with a little more intention. You let out a nervous laughter and say, "Yeah, I want to see me get fucked by you, too!" But I shake my head, pointing to the door, "No no, haha. I have a friend right out the door and he wants to fuck you in the ass. I think that'd be so hot to watch." You stay there, on the floor, looking up at this magnificent woman as she talks about how turned on she'll be watching you take cock. You're getting so hard that you might just do it...(Scene starts here) (Video reduced in price due to focusing issues during filming