Do you want to be my daddy

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Emmas Secret Life

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2,342 5.0
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LYON18555 - Top reviewer Sep 11 2017
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You see if there were more woman as understating as Emma there would be more love in the world lol. Now every hot blooded man , I don't give a damn if you say you don't, has a weak spot being called daddy. I dunno myself why it's just when that word is uttered by your lover (or random hookup) it sends electricity through your body. Now when Emma calls you daddy it's like being struck by lightening! Highly enjoyable clip with plenty of dirty talk and sexy movements of Emma's perky body!

You tell them Lyons 😂
Thank you so much! 😘

MarcB1011 - Top reviewer Sep 9 2017
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Very nice! Emma looks particularly pretty in this video, and I just can't resist the bouncing of her beautiful breasts and ever hard nipples. This is a great little video with plenty of dirty talking

Thanks so much! ❤️

hornymb86 - Top reviewer Apr 23
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Emma needs to win some kind of an award on this site for best dirty talk roleplay. I swear I could just listen to the super naughty audio of this video and get off (but I won't because seeing her makes it that much better). Mindblowing and a MUST to have in your collection!

Thank you so much! So gladyou like my dirt talking mouth 😉

This is a custom clip and I can make one for you too! Just email me at or send me a PM) I am looking for about a 10 minute custom video. You play my girlfriend and you are getting ready to go out (tight dress, thong, high heels). I discover you going through my computer. You don't understand why their I am watching Daddy/Daughter videos. You start to get upset but it turns into you trying to satisfy my desires. You start getting pouty and asking why I like it. What is it about being a daddy makes me hard. You then tell me to lay on the bed and you get on top of me. You start going through your nasty thoughts about being a daughter. You describe how daddy is a perv (sucking your thumb, calling me daddy, etc.), how you always wanted daddy to touch you, you take me through how young you are and how wrong this is. You tell daddy you are going to keep riding him but need to slip off these shoes. I protest, and you figure out I like my little girl in high heels. So you take them off and lick and suck on the heel, telling daddy what this reminds you of. You slip the dress off to expose your tits. Telling me more dirty stories about what you think when I hug you. Towards the end, to finish daddy off, you start asking does your girlfriend know you like being called daddy? what would the neighbors think if they ever found out what daddy does with his little girl? Then you finish it off however you like