Spanked And Used

22:18 min - Sep 08 - .MP4 - 1.58 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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This is a custom video* My arms are tied above my head while standing I'm spanked with a paddle until my ass is nice and red. With my arms still tied, I'm on my knees as he fucks my mouth and makes me deep throat. (side view from my head down to my tits). Still fucking my mouth and making me deep throat him he spanks my ass repeatedly with a crop (view from behind from my head down to my shoes). Then I am bent over and fucked from behind with my hands still restrained as he spanks me with a paddle. Now I am wearing bikini bottoms, bent over with my arms restrained behind me he pulls them down and spanks me with a belt (view from behind). Still bent over and restrained he fucks my mouth as he spanks me with the belt (view from a slight angle so you can see my breast down to my shoes). Now I am fully nude except for my shoes, riding him while I am spanked with a crop hard and fast (view from behind). Laying down my wrists and ankles have been tied together, he again fucks my mouth as I am spanked with a crop (view from behind). Still restrained he fucks my mouth, as he cums I let his cum drip down out of my mouth (view close up from the side from my head down to my tits). 22:17 1080p Logitch c920