Doctor Mommy



American / Fetish Land
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The last thing you thought you'd hear from Mom is that she wants you to strip. It has to do with health insurance though - she can't afford a doctor right now. It comes down to being broke and relying on her own high school anatomy education to make sure you're physically healthy. It's something you agree to either way. To make sure you're comfortable, she decides to strip with you. Noting that your body is just fine (is there a hint of awe in the way she says it?), she asks to see your butt. You're a bit unsure... but she's insistent on checking you properly. You bend over at her advice, and... Do you hear her behind you? Is she touching herself? After checking your ass, she then has you turn around so she can make sure your penis is in working order. You'll have to stroke. Of course, she'll play with herself too, so you feel more comfortable! You've never had a checkup like this, but it's an interesting one. You'll have to cum for Mommy. She needs to make sure you're healthy in all areas. Oh! And she needs to eat some of that cum... She knows what "healthy cum" tastes like, definitely