Freebie Tuesday

Glimpse the perfect roof of my mouth



Spanish / Spain
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They are difficult to watch, complicated to glimpse in our mouth, always forgotten up there unless you use a mirror... but today you are lucky, man. I will show you clearly my beautiful teeth in the roof of my mouth, those which are hidden and even you can´t see in your own mouth. I will let you enjoy every one of my upper teeth: canines, incisors, molars... all of them in their full shape, all sorted in a perfect arcade. Because my mouth deserves the better angles to show off and you can´t miss them. Watch them from below in an incredible close-up angle, aren´t they so white and bright? Their clean crowns emerge from the red palate and make you imagine them cutting, biting and crushing my food. And what about my palate? So wet, shining and with that intense healthy colour. First I will use the natural lightning, an then you will be able to discover every inch of the roof of my mouth with the help of a little flashlight. And of course, don´t forget my super sexy lips, so thick and juicy. Get lost in my mouth, honey. This is your best place to stay in and dream of, no doubt. YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: you are a real greedy teeth fetishist. HIGHLIGHTED: two intensities of lightning will let you delight yourself. INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW