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Chastity Plans with Mom



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I’m aware of all the boners you've been getting since you hit puberty. Think of how embarrassing it will be when the school year starts. How will you hide your boners? Kids get picked on for being hard all the time, and you really are hard most of the day. It's a bit ridiculous, and it will only curse you. Do you want a solution? Mommy has one. I ordered a special chastity device online. You will be locked away in the device a good chunk of the time. You will be able to cum, just once, every morning, before school. Before your special gift gets here, and prior to the school year beginning, we will practice how your days will go. I'm going to tell you how to build up your cum, blow it, and clean it up. You won't regret your new daily system for keeping those pesky boners away. Mommy will walk you through your school day in all of your wildest fantasies... You will close your eyes and imagine young, hot girls in skimpy skirts with no bra... bending over... reaching up... teasing. And lucky for you, you won't have to worry about a boner arising at school. Let's get that out of your system now