Clearly Not Satisfied



American / Fetish Land
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Your wife assures you that the sex was perfect, that she's happy with you and everything is just fine. Her tone is a bit questionable, but she loves you and you are settled with that thought. Sometimes you wonder if she's faking it, but her words remind you that you are doing a great job. She rolls over... As you drift off, you sense your wife getting out of bed. While the thought to drift back comes first, you decide to be a little pervert and keep your eyes in on your wife instead. You are suddenly hard, wanting to just leap up and take her again. You're surprised to see that she's sitting on the edge of the bath tub now... masturbating, moaning a little but also trying not to be too loud. This is meant to be a private moment. It's very clear to you now, why she's doing this... she has to finish the job herself because you failed