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Well, you finally convinced me to the idea of a baby. I think it's going to be great for us all around, don't you? I'm sort of in a little dilemma over the details though. As you know, I'm almost entirely sexual with my lover, whereas we rarely have sex anymore. Who will be the one to give me this baby? Would it be you, my dear husband, or my lover, the one who does the job right every time? Let's not forget that you only produce dribbles of cum when you pop, and it's so uneventful to that point. Hm. Let's toss a coin, and we'll see who really wins this.... 50/50 chance. Don't worry, even if he wins, you'll still have your chance inside me - but remember, those little cummies will have to work really hard to beat the cups full that my lover will be able to give me