BBW FinSub Training Lesson 1



American / The Dirty South
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So, you want to be My Finsub? Do you really know what all that entails? Do you really know what’s expected of you? The thought of giving a Supreme Woman money turns you on, does it? Good. That’s the first requirement. You see, you will be working day in and day out, to make Me money. You will simply fund My life. I don’t have to work another day because YOU will do that for Me. You will pay My bills, buy My clothes, & fund My shopping sprees. Anything that I require. And you will do so gladly. Thanking Me for the pleasure. I know that it makes your cock throb to send Me money. I know that it turns you on to please Me. Listen to My instructions on how to be a good Finsub. You’re already weak. Go ahead & fully submit. Serve. Obey. PAY