Sauna Suit Kitchen Rub 2 Bed Pillow Hump

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bigsteve4321 Sep 14 2017

Please do a video with that suit on, but instead of rubbing on pillows rub on a naked man's cock and let him cum on your ass with the suit on. So hot!! Keep up the great work!

A hot sporty blonde wearing a vinyl sauna suit is just coming in and has some refreshments. Her vinyl suit is sticking to her body showing she must have been sweating. In fact, it is easy to see that she is wearing black fullback panties. As she has her refreshments, she starts to get horny, almost as if there was something in her refreshments. She doesn't fight it. She starts to play with herself and rub all over her vinyl covered body with lots of self-groping right there in the kitchen. Not sure, or really caring, what is going on, she decides to go into the bedroom and get some sexual satisfaction in one of her favorite ways, pillow humping. Once in her bedroom she grabs two pillows from her bed and starts the pillow humping action right away. She rubs her cunt and ass grinds all over the two pillows and loves the way the vinyl feels against her skin. She changes up the pillow humping positions and goes from sitting up to laying down and even lays on her back grabbing with pillows with her legs as she thrusts hard. At one point she does a standing split type move as she is pillow humping. The whole time she is doing the pillow humping her VPL is kicking. Her black fullback panties are seen in their full glory and she traces the lines of her panties from time to time as she gets more and more worked up. She is soon cumming with a nice big orgasm. After she comes down from cumming she wonders aloud once more what was in her refreshments, but honestly, she doesn't care since she got to get off. Included in this clip: Pillow Humping, PVC - Vinyl, Vinyl Sauna Suit, Panty Fetish, Fullback Panties, VPL, Panty Lines, Ass Grinding, Self-Groping, Masturbation, Orgasms, Sporty Blondes, Sweaty Blondes, Blondes