Wet Messy Dish Soap Tub Play PJs Socks

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A cute little hottie is wearing light blue pajamas and dark colored argyle socks. She looks as though she is going to draw a bath, but then she gets into the tub without taking any of her clothes off or adding any water. She kind of touches herself and just relaxes and then grabs a huge bottle of green dish soap that is behind her. She opens it and squeezes hard, letting the liquid soap spurt all over her pajama covered body. She coos in delight at the mess she is making and rubs her socked feet in all the soap. She continues to get messy with the liquid soap and squirts it all over her body, rubbing herself again as she does. She then decides to transition the fun from only messy to wet & messy and she starts to fill the bathtub with water. As it fills up the soap starts to suds up. Her light blue pajamas turn a darker color as the water starts to get them wet and her argyle socks get an even darker color with lots of soap suds on them. She loves the wet and messy fun she is having in the tub and again starts to coo with delight. She lifts her soapy feet and lets the water just drip off her sexy socks. She then starts to touch her wet and messy body again as she loves the way the wet clothes now cling to her wet body.. This time she starts to put soap suds all over herself and then sticks her hand down the front of her pajama pants and starts rubbing her pussy good. All the action is shown form a multitude of angles and after some wet and messy masturbation she is having a huge orgasm. She then lets the water out slowly and just enjoys the rest of the wet and messy time she has in the tub, not having another care in the world, not even the fact that she needs to get to bed soon. Included in this clip: Wet & Messy, WAM, Masturbation, Orgasms, Soap, Dish Soap, Green Soap, Messy, Wet, Pajamas, Wet Clothes, Argyle Socks, Socks, Wet Socks, Soap Suds, Bathtub Fetish, In Tub, Blondes