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Super formula maked me the most powerful

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My loyal, handsome slave.. we finally meet.. i'm so... sooo happy to see you! You look much better in real life you know And you've flown all the way to see me.. how was the flight? good? I'm so glad! But.. you seemed distressed in your email !.. whats wrong? Y... you completed a super formula?.. and you've flown all the way here.. just to give it to me? You're joking right? Seriously... I don't believe you... *i pick up the super formula*.. this is it? But... why give it to me? Because.. i'm a badass? Because you know i'm going to dominate this world? Oh Dear.. you really are special you know.. *I dr in k the formula*.. mmm... it tasted better than I expected.. Now .. come here my pet... let me thank you .. for being so brave that you brought me... your ultimate mistress.. the power she deserves.. *I lean in to kiss.. but at the last moment pull back laughing, and then spit at you - My attitude becomes incredible cruel and eventually angry* Seriously.. you thought i'd fucking kiss you ? You dumb mother fucker.. you're so fucking stupid that I.. I dont know where to begin..... Now i will show you what you just did and what i will do with my super power, you and the whole world wich is just nothing infront of my powerness
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