The belt returns to ruin me


Edge of Ruin

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So my goal was to edge as long as I could. The catch was that when I pulled the toy away my pussy would get spanked hard with the belt. The longer I kept the toy off, the more strikes I would get so I had to constantly try to keep the toy on to avoid the hits, but pulling it off to avoid going over. But eventually I failed. While trying to rub my pussy both to soothe the pain and keep the belt at bay I got too close. I pulled my hand away and several hits with the belt were just enough to push me over the edge. As my contractions start he spanks me hard through my orgasm as I constantly say "I'm sorry." We tried to resume edging, but I came again almost immediately apologizing through my thoroughly ruined and beaten orgasm. In the end I spread my red and swollen pussy open. No satisfying orgasms this time. I left very frustrated and with a very tender pussy