Freebie Tuesday

Courtney HomeWrecks Your Wife's Ashes

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Your neighbor Courtney drops by to tell you she's sorry your wife died. Well, not really.. she's actually glad you wife is gone. She knows you are a submissive wimp who needs a real woman to put you in your place. She tells you "It was the bitch's time to go". She knows you want to be a good slave for her. Then she puts the urn with your wife's ashes between her legs and tells you that your wife is much happier there. Courtney knows you are obsessed with her ass so she turns around and tells you to kiss it. She tells you that from now on you are going to do anything she wants. She will OWN you. She makes you lick her asshole.. then she decides she wants your wife to lick her asshole too. SO SHE TAKES THE URN WITH YOUR WIFE'S ASHES AND WIPES HER ASS WITH IT!!! You know this is wrong and you want to stop her, but you are weak.. you know you can't disobey Miss Courtney. She rubs the urn all over her pussy and then tells you to lick her pussy. This is your dream come true... you feel bad about your wife but you need Courtney's pussy. She laughs at you and calls you a worthless slave but you don't care.. you just want to please Miss Courtney. She commands you to jerk off while she rubs your wife's ashes on her pussy.... you are beyond caring.. you do as you are told and blow a big load for Miss Courtney. INCREDIBLY HOT CLIP!!! WARNING: THIS CONTENT IS DISTURBING. THIS CLIP MIGHT RUIN YOUR MARRIAGE