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Featuring Star Nine! <BR><BR> The company bonuses came with a free financial planning session this year, extra bonus - the advisor is HOT - her skirt and top hug her body tightly, her long legs glisten in shimmering pantyhose. She congratulates you on your bonus and muses on what you should spend it on. Your company's 401K matching is more than adequate. Your salary covers your expenses. You really have no need for this extra money - in fact you could really get in a mess with it. What is it that you value? Luxury travel? Fancy meals? Expensive clothing. A step up in lifestyle - you don't really want any of those things do you? You have your habits, your routine. Your sports bar, that delicious burger, that ratty old sentimental t-shirt. You don't need this money do you? It will only really lead to stress. I can do you a favor. Take it off your hands. I know exactly what to do with it. Send your custom video request to star at starbondmedia dot com Includes pantyhose domination, financial domination