Wined, Dined & Imprinted


Star Nine

American / California
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You were shocked when Janira Wolfe & Star Nine turned out to be the company reps who wine & dined & clubbed you. Women are usually left out of this high level corporate courtship. After dinner at the cities most exclusive steak house/sex club you've somehow ended up back at their place instead of with some high-end hooker. The erotic charge is there though. The way you're used to these nights ending.  They tease you with their nylon feet & you playfully get down on the floor to sniff and stroke them. You think this is foreplay, soon to be a threesome that will leave you untouched & their reputations tarnished.  Your full belly and warm fuzzy buzz have made you susceptible to suggestion. Instead of working their clothes off & your way into their bedroom, they soon have you obsessed with their feet. You're in no place to discuss numbers and procedures, but as they tease you with their long nylon legs and soft nylon soles they are able to usefully use you for the future. Just the slightest dangle in the conference room & you will be hopelessly desperate to please.  Send your custom video request to star at starbondmedia dot com  Includes pantyhose domination, foot domination, double domination