Mistress Salem

Minneapolis & New York City
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FOR TOTAL LOSERS ONLY. It's sexy that you get off on being a loser & I want you to stay that way- chained forever to worshiping My pussy, listening to My voice, letting it soothe your cock-controlled mind into a trance, Watch the dog chain swing back & forth while your cock throbs with excitement. TIME TO PLAY MY FAVORITE GAME- LOSER MANTRA! These are the rules. Unzip your pants. Stroke when and how I tell you to. And every single time I command you to say the loser mantra, say it! "I'M A LOSER!" I get off on controlling you and hearing you tell Me how much of a loser you are! This is a very simple game and if you play it right, Goddess and slave win every time. Say the loser mantra WITH FEELING while you stroke your cock faster and faster and edge for Goddess. I'm going to completely verbally humiliate you while you masturbate. Stare at the bottom of My heels- you are as insignificant as the dirt on their soles. Hate fuck your hand LOSER. BEG ME to worship My ass! Think about being yanked around on My chain. Fuck your hand & keep professing your inferiority to Me~ I'm going to give your loser ass a treat & allow you to worship Me in My bra and panties. Being verbally cut down to your loser size while kneeling and worshiping My ass is the best you'll ever get. I put you into a deep state of submission with 20+ minutes of LOSER humiliation, stroking commands, begging encouragement, and finally your perfect Goddess wants you to cum. Make your loser dick cry loser teara of cum to My perfection. I am so perfect; you are so small in My presence. Say thank you bitch, you're lucky that I have a soft spot in My heart for losers like you who will never measure up. I'll always take pity on you loser- and you will learn to LOVE telling everyone how much of a loser you are after repeating the mantra while being brought to the most intense climax of your loser life. CUM FOR YOUR GODDESS, LOSER. YOUR FACE IS MY CHAIR. YOU ARE ADDICTED, WEAK, EAGER. Stare into My eyes and stroke your dumb cock while I laugh in your face, Scream the mantra so loud that your neighbors can hear. Be PROUD to be My loser, and cum for your Superior when you finally earn My permission