Contribute you vile specimen


Ava Black

British / UK
10:37 min - Sep 22 - .WMV - 158.30 MB - 640x480


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Get on your knees while you watch this fool! Far too long you've been skipping around thinking you actually belong on the same level of existence as normal human folk! Come on now! What possessed your thick skull to entertain such fantasies? I don't know what's worse?!?! The fact that modern existence allows weak fools like you to walk on the same platform as greatness? Or that you actually buy into the stupid hype that has no backing up in reality? I mean, look at you! Look at you! Pathetic vile worm! Beta at best. It's a good thing weak-minded beings like you were given a true leader that can actually move you into doing something marginally worthwhile! Because nothing else about you is worthwhile! The only thing you can ever hope to achieve with any degree of success is tributing me. And tribute hard! I'm not talking about fly by tributes here worm! Basically your very existence is a waste of DNA! The fact that I permit you to stain the planet with your continued irritating personality is because I have decided you have some kind of use. To me! And you will diminish yourself to the very lowest echelon of existence just so you can remain pleasing to me! You pathetic moron! Subhuman Don't ever for a minute fool yourself into believing that you are normal! Nothing about you is normal! Is it normal for you to pay to be humiliated? Spat on? I bet you I could charge you extra for the priviledge of me extinguishing this cigarette on that thin skin of yours! And you would lick the ash right up! Hah! So frikkin pathetic! Now pay up loser! On your knees in your true display of submission before your Alpha Goddess! Present your pathetic tribute to me now