Pretty in pink. Lethal in Domination


Ava Black

British / UK
10:52 min - Oct 14 - .WMV - 215.09 MB


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Hello there... I knew these feet were starting to hurt because I've been running through your mind all day... Hahaha Awww, you're back for more aren't you? You find yourself strangely compelled don't you? Like a praying mantis right before it is consumed whole. The final act of true submission. You want to give yourself wholly to me yet you do not understand what compels you so irresistibly... Is it a coincidence that you found me? Is it unnatural for you to feel this way for me? No of course it isn't petal. You found me because I compelled you. I compelled you because it is in your nature. I know that you will submit wholly to me in a myriad of ways. You will be mine without question once you let go of those silly little social constructs you choose to believe. You feel more whole when you are with me. Listening to my voice, watching my gorgeously unbelievable feminine curves towering over you like the true Nubian Queen I am... It's a small wonder you are helplessly immersed in me. I am blessed with natural beauty that snakes its way into your quietest moments, sending electrical charges through your very core. Reminding you that you are lucky to serve me. You are indeed most fortunate to be permitted to please me, to tribute me, to sublimate your very existence into the beauty of servitude to a true Queen. See, I am pretty in pink. And in anything I choose to cover my body with. But you see it as clear as day. Beneath my pleasant exterior lies a truly devastating and lethal predator. And it is this that pulls you in time and again. You crave my control. You want to be consumed whole