Steamy Shower Suck&Fuck



American / Fairy Land
9:16 min - Sep 09 - .MP4 - 1.09 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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Watch me get wet in the shower Daddy! I start to clean myself off, but i think i start to get carried away with how deep to cleanse! I start running my hands all over my slippery, wet body and start to touch myself. My pussy is so clean and tight for you, let me stretch myself out a little for you with my glass tentacle dildo! the slimy tentacle feels so good in my tight pussy, its not long before i want to use your thick cock to make myself cum! Let me taste you before i ride you Daddy, you always taste so good. Ill ride you, and grind on you so you're deep inside me, i bounce up and down for you to watch! I cant hold it any longer with you watching me ride you, i cum all over you, but im not finished yet, i want to taste myself all over you Daddy, i gag and drool until you cum for me! Who says you cant get dirty in the shower