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Njoy Asshole Stretching Fun

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American / Virginia
192 5.0
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Mmmm.. I just seen this on twitter not to long ago. I'll be adding this to my cart right now so i can buy it when i get paid tomorrow night ❤

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Instant 5 stars and i enjoyed every minute of this video as you played with you're delicious asshole. Very sexy and beautiful i couldn't help but be excited as i watched talk about a great way to release some stress i made sure a mess shooting thick creamy loads all over my stomach and chest as i was laying down in bed enjoying this amazing video. I highly recommend video❤

If I could marry my Njoy large or Njoy 2.0, I fucking would. Honestly, the people who came up with those are brilliant. This is an OLD (like over a year) video I made on my cellphone of me trying to fit my Njoy 2.0 in my ass so I use my large plug to practice. Lots of pussy rubbing and me trying to fit this massive steel toy in my ass
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American / Virginia
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