N51 Pee play soaked panties and bed MP4

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elric69 May 10
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Excellent video for pee lovers :)

I needed to pee very bad that my bladder ached a lot. I switch on the camera and tell you that I’m going to pee my new panties and my bed. I turned back to lay on my belly and pee, but, I noticed there’s already a wet spot where I sat before. I peed without noticing it. In fact, I really had trouble to hold my pee. I then lay my belly on the bed and start to pee. I pee a little then after play with my pee and spread it all on my breasts and belly. I then take off my soaked panties and pee play with it again. All that play got me horny so I start masturbate myself by putting two fingers in my pussy. I start to squirt pee. I then pee play again, I like that. My whole body begins to smell pee. I take the camera to show you the big wet spot on the bed, then I zoom on my pussy while still peeing. I lay my back on the bed to pee a bit then I switch to doggy style and wet my panties. All my body is drenched in pee, just as you like it. I had great fun playing