S-CLASS [Lucy Heartfilia] Love Shack

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5,232 5.0
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Wulf49 Sep 9 2017
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Ok, first of all the Lucy cosplay is just CUTE AF (and pigtails always kill me ⁽͑˙˚̀༎˚́˙⁾̉) The first half of the vid is just Blowjob Heaven and the cumshot into mouth is just DAYUM. The boobjob that follows is just Pure, Oily Awesomeness leading up to another blowjob and cumshot (꒪ཀ꒪). ending thoughts: awesome vid, won't be disappointed. BUY IT!! (^_^)-b

Uberlover Sep 10 2017
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Just when you thought PK couldn't get any cuter, she tops herself in a strikingly blonde wig and white/blue outfit. But what is she up to this time? A very thorough blowjob, that's what! Her character Lucy may arrive late to see her client, but she wastes no time starting work on his cock and balls. If you didn't think the word "Mister" could sound sexy, just wait until you hear PK say it, in the middle of some expert use of lips and tongue. The way her lips slide over the cock is made all the more intense by the extreme closeups, letting you take in the wonder of her eagerly working tongue. Lasting to the end of the video is almost as hard as it would be to be sliding in and out of Lucy's mouth. Lucy doesn't finish the job before she has gotten two loads out of the customer - PK uses generous amounts of dragon cum. Another video worth revisiting countless times.

Makeyuuwet Nov 1 2017
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It's pitykitty, she's just so cute, how can you not want this? :^)

whatastorymark - Top reviewer Oct 25 2017
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The scene is mostly PK making music with her mouth, but through singing, and there's a guest spot musical performance with her breasts. The guy loves her music and keeps going to a hotel, getting the cheapest room. That's what the text says, but a cheap room doesn't have curtains that nice. Straight away I have to say that after some thought, that Lucy outfit and the blonde hair, so well with PK's skin color. I can imagine a pale lady rocking it well, but she fits into the appearance like a glove. Even the nails, colored orange, adds on to the sunny appearance, as do the starry eyes she's sporting. The lady herself is a sunshine in any person's dark day, so the cosplay is just another way of proving that.

She says the guy's her only customer, which means other people are stupid. How can they not have this woman, who says “Mister” in such a cute way, who makes cute and fun, positive facial expressions, smiles that warm your heart. A bubbling energy and relentlessness in sucking you off, and making eye contact! One amazing thing early on was when the camera was showing the action from non-POV angle, she still kept her eyes directed at where the guy's head would be. Most of the time, in any kind of porn, solo or pro, such a shot would have the woman looking at the camera a lot. That's fine, but to really show the performer being into sucking off someone and not just a stunt cock, it's more impressive. Easier to get into the action.

So the only customer, the lucky man, gets sucked off. More proof that she's into it, so much spit building up, the meat stick being really wet. All the while she's making lovely moans, which is also music to the ears. The camera gets closer on that first BJ section, and it allows a better look at the lips, her tongue being like a cushion as the head enters to this temple. It cuts to the classic POV shot, giving an amazing look at her eyes, the sucking still being intense and focused. She even moves to the balls, so you know she doesn't miss anything. Surprising to me, halfway into the scene, the dick cums, a lot. To the point where she's making big bubbles, which is really fun in a weird way, I don't think women make cum bubbles that big in pro porn, or any other porn I've seen. She has such a magical mouth.

PK then proves to be the best at this job, by giving a bonus freebie, she could totally charge as much for this as she did the blowjob. The titfucking, getting her boobs ltionedup and she gives the best titjob a woman with her bust size can give. It's always that the boobjob happens with huge breasticles, but she proves that they don't have to be huge. So there's that, and I was so in love with her nipples here, so tempting that the guy didn't reach over and play with them in some way. Her hands get really busy too, not just with the titjob, but also with some handjob parts. You can see that between her hands and breasts, the cock is in a very comfortable, satisfied place.

Back to giving a blowjob, this is so hentai, making the guy splooge multiple times, because men there are so virile, even if they're old, fat, and/or ugly. At this point I'm just fixed on her face, my eyes aren't going anywhere. Most of the scene my mouth was slightly open and I felt some sensation on my bottom teeth. I don't recall ever feeling that before. So that's someone, PK makes me feel things I never did before, in a positive way. Her dialogue was so sweet and sexual at the same time, and here at the climax, she said not to hold back, can't say anything better than that, especially the way she says it. Some more bubbles, lots of splooge, her tongue out with jizz coming down, the boobs still wet (including some jizz I think getting on them), those nipples still hard. That's how you end a scene. But then as she plays with some jizz with her mouth and hand, she said maybe they can use her vagina next time. Lucky son of a bitch. I love the hand gesture as she bid farewell, the hand still sticky with jizz, classic. The smile too, just all her smiles, her whole face, mouth, body, everything was sexy. Watching it again, noticing how she's on her knees most of the time, the floor's not carpeted, she must have really strong knees. Also being so into the action, knees weren't a problem.

Anyways, being able to make a 20 minute scene with mostly blowjobs and a little titfucking section is a stunning accomplishment. I've seen BJ-only scenes where they lasted 15-20 minutes and they dragged on, some made me think the camera work was just lazy. Here, nothing lasted too long, she made it so realistic. It's like one long song, there are different sections, but you're still listening to one song, and it has to do its damnedest to hold your attention and entertain from start to finish. Not every song that dares to go over 10 minutes can do that. Here, as said earlier, making music with her mouth and boobs, this is a long song that was successful. I didn't want to add anything to it, perfectly fine the way it is. So if a mostly BJ scene can have that kind of impression on me, it's a winner, and since it's from a performer with talent oozing out of her body, and this scene proved that it oozes out of her lips and tits (not the jizz dammit), that makes it even more of a winner. A champion. World championship quality scene here.

The video is 20min long. 1920x1080 50 fps, [recorded with dslr and semi-professional illumination]---------- [scripted video] [mini-history]---------- the video contains: Cosplaying as Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail), roleplay, POV Blowjob, Bad Dragon Cum Lube, Oil, Boobjob, Dirty Talk, Realistic Cumming Dildo. ----------[***]---------- [You’re waiting for Lucy Heartfilia in a hotel room. She was in lack of money and you really wanted to fuck her mouth until cumming, so it was a clear deal. It wasn’t the first time….the last one either