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The Matriarch Converts Male Scum JOI


Mistress Salem

Minneapolis & New York City
11:55 min - Sep 09 - .MP4 - 961.10 MB


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Pathetic male scum! The patriarchal society is crumbling around you. I know you want to taste My whip & throat fuck My stilettos because The Matriarchal Bitch is taking control. Look up at Me & think about how pathetic you are while I cross & uncross My legs that could wrap around you & crush you! Surrender to Me now. I'll make it a little fun for you by letting you jerk off. I give you explicit instructions. Stare at your slave reflection in My shiny heel then follow My finger up My body to all this velvet. Kneel right between My fucking legs & stare at this pussy wrapped in soft velvet with no panties. Think about how ugly your cock is while you stay down there kneeling saying mantras to My pussy jerking off. Say it loud enough to satisfy. I know you were born a man with the responsibility embedded by society to be strong, successfu, avoiding temptation and living up to societal standards.. But the velvet covering My body and hugging the tight curves of My pussy and ass have control. The only thing you'll be measured by now is your SERVITUDE! My ass is your religion! Watch your stupid world crumble while you long for the taste of My whip. It is time to submit to a Powerful Alpha Femdom Goddess. I mesmerize you into subsace then lecture you! I dominate the room & your minuscule presence is humiliated but I'm turned on by it, that Power My pussy has over you. I'm Superior to you. I take pity on your pathetic male existence. I teach you lessons, important ones, like how you must beg Me to let you cum! Fucking beg Me!!!!! Obviously you haven't had to beg for many things in your stupid male lifetime but I'm going to change that. Beg for it, you want it so bad, to cum in submission to the Female Divine, to give in to servitude. Now you are turned into My bitch, male scum begging to cum with My ass in your loser face & Me taunting you! Cum and manifest the true submissive pitiful male ego within