Freebie Tuesday

Sensually Enjoying Smoke

325 5.0

Lady Ruby

Canadian / Québec
325 5.0
10:25 min - Sep 09 - .MP4 - 964.10 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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MichaelXY - Top reviewer Feb 22
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I really love the red hair on her in this video. She teasingly plays with the cig a bit running it across her body and lips before lighting it.

She licks the filter a couple of times and when she takes drags she sucks on the filter and makes a smacking sound as if she were kissing it a few times. She shows and teases her beautiful breasts with nipple piercings a bit.

Absolutely sexy video and fantastic teasing.. one of the sexiest I've seen from her.

This is a commission video, directed by one of my fans ! Sensually enjoying two strong cork cigarettes with direct inhales and very audible inhales and exhales
Two Menthol 120s
Lady Ruby
Canadian / Québec
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