Your foot massage therapist interview 2


Ava Black

British / UK
8:06 min - Oct 13 - .WMV - 97.96 MB


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Your client enjoys the ankle massage you gave her so much she decides she wants to test out your skill in giving a full foot massage upstairs in her bedroom. She leads you upstairs where she gets more comfortable and leaves you to doing it your way. You feel that the interview is going well so you get stuck in. Your client soon relaxes as you soothe the strains of the day from her feet. She warns you that she sometimes dozes off during foot rubs, and as the massage carries on she drifts off... Not sure what to do you carry on massaging her feet. Unfortunately though the rising bulge in your pants is giving you trouble. You had neglected to mention in your CV that you have a massive foot fetish. And seeing her lying there oblivious to your hardon is simply too tempting. And those feet are so soft