Your foot massage therapist interview 3


Ava Black

British / UK
14:23 min - Oct 20 - .WMV - 213.72 MB


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The interview is now upstairs in the bedroom. And as your client dozes peacefully you struggle with your pesky foot fetish. Your desires are overwhelming you! And seeing her lying there oblivious to the world only makes you want to touch her even more. As if by magic your cock finds its way out of your trousers. You slide her feet onto your cock, and glance back up at her. No response. Emboldened, you start to work her feet up and down your cock gently. Delicious! Waves of pleasure embrace you, her feet are so soft and gentle. The fear and the excitement only make you more aroused, and you cannot help but move her feet faster as she dozes. So lost are you in this dance that you do not notice when she jumps up in shock. It is only when her harsh tones cut through your mesmerised silence that you realise what you are doing. You try to jump back but it is too late! You are already in trouble and you know it. Your bumbling apology falls on deaf ears! She has caught you... But that wicked look on her face immediately makes you worried. She looks almost happy that you have done what you did... And as she carries on talking you realise just how truly fucked you are... Because this new 'client' of yours is actually more than just an eccentric businesswoman. In fact she tells you she is a conniving Foot Dominatrix, and when she read your CV she knew you were exactly what she was looking for. Someone who would fall into her web of deception effortlessly. Signing her release form to be her slave until she released you. And the final test had been failed miserably! The lure of her vulnerable feet as she slept... In fact, she had been looking for a footslave to tend to her growing collection of shoes. And she was so lucky that you had responded to her ad