Sign Over Everything To Me- Luna Star



American / Las Vegas
8:18 min - Sep 09 - .MP4 - 304.26 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Hot Latina Luna looks into your eyes and tells you that you should beg to buy her things.. she starts rubbing your cock and you know you want to.. she strokes your cock and you fall deeper and deeper under her spell.. she tells you that you will do anything for her and you will be her bitch... you want to stand up for yourself but her hands feel so good on your cock. She tells you that you are going to buy her a car and you think you can't afford it, but she takes out her boobs and your mind goes blank. You beg to buy her more things. Then she stands up and takes off her clothes so you can see her ass. She tells you that you are going to the ATM Machine with her so she can clean you out. You try to resist but she starts sliding her INCREDIBLE ASS up and down on the shaft of your cock. You start begging her to take everything.. she tells you that she has a little contract for you to sign. You dont need to read it... she wiggles her ass in your face and tells you that if you sign it you can put your cock inside her. It's just a little contract that says you will sign over your money, your soul, and your life! TEASE&DENIAL AT ITS VERY BEST