Humiliated Into Diapers

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YOUR loving wife prepares a nice dinner for you but you thrown a tantrum just like a little person would. You do not want to eat it. No real reason. Just to make a fuss. She has had enough of this behaviour. You need to be in diapers and made to be breast fed and spoon fed mushy food as if you were one year old again Since you refused grown up food and got mushy food all over yourself your wife informs you she is now going to be your mommy and puts you in the bath to get you all clean. Then lots of powder and a fresh diapee. It is YOUR dinner time and your mommy has lifted you in the high chair. She clips the tray in place so you won’t fall out then ties a bib around your next. Next some yummy food for you. When you get your fingers in it she chastises you. Sometimes when you close your mouth and turn away she plays "Here comes the airplane". Mommy Josie is lots of fun. She loves spending time with YOU. Lots of tickles and lots of playing with your toys. But soon you have soaked your diapee and need to be changed