Mature masturbation in wet t-shirt



American / Chesterfield
29:09 min - Sep 09 - .WMV - 1.26 GB


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The night I shot this video, I was in a particularly erotic mood. Horny, you might say, but beyond that. I shoot video when I get horny, and I get horny from shooting videos ;-) I thought of the wet t-shirt not just for it's obvious aesthetic quality, but as an homage' to the time in won a wet t-shirt contest in 1983. As you watch the way my body moves with the waves of pleasure and hear the primitive sounds I make, realize that I am not aware I am doing those things. I am so lost in sexual ecstasy that I lose touch with my surroundings. I am in another world, and world of the ultimate in sexual pleasure. Won't you join me? xoxo Marie
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