Freebie Tuesday

Lab Assistant Needs Your Cum

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470 5.0
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Smith_T deleted - Top reviewer Jan 18
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OleDave - Top reviewer Sep 18
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Is this chem lab assistant clueless or clever? Lilly violates ALL the rules and "spills" dangerous chemicals all over the place, including her arm. So, by a miracle, it turns out that the only "solution" to the problem is for the chemist to cum all over Lilly's arm and then inside her! Lilly professes her love and then has an orgasm as part of her emergency treatment! Great all-nude scenes of the breathtakingly beautiful Lilly, who may also be the Queen of Dirty Talking. And why were my high school and college chem labs never like this??

You work in a chemical lab with a beautiful contractor that wears super tight jeans everyday and is such a cocktease. Today she is wearing the tightest jeans she has with her hair in a ponytail. You’re working in the lab and she’s being a flirt and cocktease, dropping things and picking them up but always then acting prude and teasing you about what a perv you are for looking. She’s so busy flirting and teasing you that she isn’t careful and spills some chemical on herself! She starts freaking out and strips naked, but the chemical has begun to cause a burning feeling on her arm. She asks you to check the SDS guide for the chemical and you tell her that the only counteractive is cum