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Leather Leggings - Choose Your Ending

13 Views · sep 15, 2023
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How’s the view from down there? I know how weak you are for girls in black sleek leather look leggings. You’re so hard for my shiny leggings. They make you sooooo weak, they torment you and tease you. The way the like glistens on them,I look like absolute perfection in them, and you can’t resist jerking for my leather look leggings. Am I cruel teasing you like this? Ha, well I’m allowing you to stroke, but THIS is where the cruelty starts - will I let you cum? Of course, but with a forfeit, I’m not going to make it easy for you. You can either eat your load, OR pay…the choice is yours! It’s such a tough life having to make decisions like this, but a big boy like you can do that…can’t you?

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