GFE: Wanking Together

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512 5.0
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kito42 Nov 5
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Gfe and cute videos like this are my favorite. Beautifully done

GuildMagic - Top reviewer Nov 1
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SO AWESOME!!! LOVED THIS VIDEO!!! Luna is Just Completely Amazing and Absolutely Beautiful!!! She is Just so AWESOME!!! You have to get this video!!! This is Definitely a Must Buy!!!

ShyGuy732 - Top reviewer May 11
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Wouldn't you love to wake up next to this beauty and just talk about sexy dreams and wanking with her? This give you the chance to live that experience over and over. You know you want to, just do it!

Luna has woken up next to you and tells you about a little dream she had. It made me very horny but she's too sleepy to fuck so you both wank together instead. She uses her fingers and gives you continuous eye contact throughout until she orgasms twice, quite quickly. Girlfriend experience, very intimate