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Outcall Escort BJ w/ Jenny Jett HD MP4

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Fuzzy Peach

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218 5.0
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I get a call earlier today from a gentleman downtown, he tells me what he is wanting which is an out of this world blow job. I explain to him I can give him one that will have him coming back to for more. I love my return customers! We negotiate the price and he agrees. I show up to his high rise building, I walk in and explain to the door man who I am there to see. I get up with no problem...I have my way with people. I walk around his place and then open his fridge...just a little snack before he arrives. I find cheesecake and chocolate covered strawberries. Chocolate covered strawberries it is! I begin to bite into the strawberry and play with myself. I get so aroused I don't even hear him walk into his apartment. He moves in closer and I un zip his pants. I begin to blow him in the kitchen and even get on top of the island to suck his cock dry. We then move to the bedroom I suck him so hard and edge him until he blows a big load everywhere