Teasing Secretary Gets a Spanking


Bettie Bondage

American / USA
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Your new secretary is such a fucking tease. You just hired her last week and already she's made your working life impossible! Always wearing tight dresses, high heels, bending over and exhibiting the lack of panties she's wearing...it's all too much! You're a married man, you can only handle so much teasing... Today takes the cake. She's got a skintight dress that barely covers her ass and she keeps coming into your office and lingering there. You need to teach her a lesson about teasing. You get a rag ready, approaching her during one of her many visits into your office. She smirks, thinking that her teasing has finally worked, when you push the rag over her face before she knows what's happened. In seconds she's out, and you take your time tying her feet together, gagging her, and putting cuffs on her wrists. You place her over your knee and wait for her to come to. She struggles a little bit as you begin to spank her, but she's still tired and disoriented, wriggling against your crotch as you redden her ass, before tearing her pantyhose open and spanking her more, your bare hand stinging as you make her bottom get redder and redder. You plug her asshole with a glass plug, making her squeal, giving her a few more spanks, before leaving her alone on the floor to think about what she's done