Batgirl's BlackHeart Orgasm


Jessica Nova

American / Ga
8:08 min - Sep 09 - .MP4 - 599.87 MB


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Clip Includes: Superheroine, super villain, struggle, bondage,super hero, pantyhose, tights, sheer, spandex, costumes, roleplay, cosplay, evil, alternative, blonde, cum, orgasm, manipulated, bed restraints, helpless, did, damsel in distress, catsuit, upskirt, virginal, desperation, desperate female, begging, superior female, femdom, domination, submission, submissive slut, batgirl, heroine, o-face, cumming, female cumming, girlxgirl, belt, demasked, whitney morgan, jessica nova Poor Batgirl! After facing off with Purple Smoke she's bound and restrained. Her virginity intact as Purple Smoke could not get any information out of her, but that isn't his only trick. The notorious villain has teamed up with the nefarious Black Heart and she has a knack for extracting information along with seducing the virginal heroines into cumming in their panties as they reveal all their deepest darkest secrets and desires. Black Heart crawls on the humilated heroine, terrifying her as she strokes her pantyhose, she peers at the heroine's pussy as it flashes with the skirt raised, revealing the lace and pantyhose covered cunt. She pulls the hitachi out and can hear the heroine's vagina soften with the need to be filled, and touched, she knows Batgirl wants to cum, she knows the heroine can only resist so long before exploding in orgasm, the wretched villain will take everything she can from the young blonde and won't stop till she is satisfied