Chasing a Giantess could be Fatal


Julia Jordan

American / USA
17:20 min - Sep 09 - .MP4 - 414.65 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Tiny man is chasing a giantess coming out of the sea. He is following her on her way home, getting in her house and spying on her while she is dancing, taking her dress off, smearing her body with lotion. But suddenly she discovers him. The giantess is so excited, she gets horny and starts using the tiny man as a sex toy, rubbing her clit and giant pussy lips to him, fingering her big wet cunt just in front of his eyes. Suddenly she decides to go to the beach again and orders him to stay and wait for her here in her house. But the tiny man is chasing her again on her way to the beach.Very close, just behind her feet. And when the giantess feels she needs to pee, the tiny man finds himslef just under her pussy as she squats on the beach. Her powerful pee stream hits the tiny man, but the giantess notices that only after she finishes peeing. The tiny man is breathless and she gets a bit angry because he disobeyed her order to stay home. The giantess realizes she can not bring him back to life and....after looking around if someone saw her...she tramples him in the sand and goes into the sea to swim