Freebie Tuesday

Bottle Fed Bedtime Babysitter Orgasms

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Layla is finishing up her night babysitting cute little Sophie, giving her a bottle full of her mommy's milk. She laughs and plays and even pees while sucking it down. But, as soon as she is done Layla reminds her it is time for bed! Of course, Sophie doesn't like that idea... so she throws a bit of a tantrum, but Layla remembers how to sway her opinion... her favorite toy! Mommy's hitachi! Layla notices how wet her diaper is already, but Sophie doesn't care! She likes a soggy diaper. So Layla pulls out her vibrator, and gets to work! The soothing vibrations cool out Sophie real quick, and she grinds her diapered pussy against the magic wand! Layla is such a nice babysitter, patting her soggy diaper and feeling how wet she is getting. Layla vibrates her little pussy to nice night time orgasm! As soon as she cums, Sophie is out like a light. Even with a soaked diaper, Sophie refuses a change... she likes to stay like that! What a nice babysitter, giving her exactly what she wants