Freebie Tuesday

Mad Harley's Secret Masturbation


Harley James

American / Texas
11:05 min - Oct 27 - .MP4 - 645.77 MB


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I find myself in a strange new world, much different than the wasteland I once knew... the air is different here, and I need my oxygen tubes so I can survive here. As I'm looking outside my living quarters for food, I notice something strange in the grass. A dildo! I haven't seen one of these since the old world, and just as my excitement begins to build, I find another toy! I hurry quickly to my new home, I know if I'm in the open too long, someone will see me and I'll be a sex slave yet again... I bring my new toys out, it's been so long since I've cum, I cant wait to play with myself! I take off my clothes, and then begin fucking my pussy, before taking another toy and plunging it into my asshole. Its been so long since I've been used, I'm so tight, but it feels so good. I begin to suck the dildo while still fucking my ass until I cum, then I'm off again