Husbands best friend knocks me up

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Miss Taylor BBW

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973 5.0
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KinkyBbwLover69 deleted Sep 10 2017
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Oh my this woman knows exactly what I like. It's like she reads my mind. So freaking hot.

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The set up in the beginning is amazing! and the finish is a dream come true!

Its no secret my husband obviously cant get me pregnant. We have tried for a while now and nothing. Its time I take matters into my own hands. I call my husbands best friend and let him know I have a HUGE favor to ask. As awkward as it is I just put it out there. It didnt take much convincing and soon enough he was seduced by my big soft tits and curves. I tease him with booty shaking, slapping and rubbing all over my body before I am on my knees taking him in my mouth. His cock is much bigger than my husbands and Im ready for him to shove all 12 inches deep inside of me. Twerking up and down on his cock, grinding my hips, squeezing my pussy tighter until I feel him shoot his cum deep inside me. After he pulls out i play in his cum. Contracting my pussy feeling his hot cum ooze out of me. Tags: bbw, cheating, big cock, big toy, creampie, impregnation, dirty talk, big tits, big legs, fat ass, panties, post cum play, role play, twerking, seducing, close ups