Wand Denial

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Riley Pepper

British / Westeros
1,015 5.0
16:15 min - Sep 10 - .MP4 - 1.77 GB - 1920x1080 HD

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I really enjoyed this video. The moans are so alluring and seductive. Genuine pleasure instead of faking it. The Chucks are a plus. Something about Chuck Taylors on a sexy chick. I'll definitely be watching this over and over. I love how your pussy and asshole look too. Just deliciously tantalizing to my eyes. I suggest anyone buys this who likes to see masturbation and to hear the real pleasure of a woman over come by lust.

vipassana Nov 13 2017
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Excellent, artsy, sexy and gorgeous sultry clip for connoisseurs and alike ! Spicy Pepper goes "all in". A sheer, special delectation to watch such a cute, fabulous looking girl giving pleasure to herself. Her little gasps and moans create an exciting, thrilling atmosphere you surely don`t want to miss any longer. The clip just has the right duration and entertains the viewer with selected moves on the chair and poses that are mouth filling good :) You can have a very marvelous time watching and listening to Spicy, I very highly recommend it ! Magnifique.

Watch this cute curvy girl all dressed up in an adorable blue outfit as I grab my wand, edging and teasing myself. Watch me squirm and struggle, trying to keep the wand on me as I deny myself that sweet release! Enjoy as I slap, tease and finger my sensitive little pussy (Disclaimer, no face is shown throughout