Rubber Gimp Gas Mask Breath Play


Eden Alexander

American / San Francisco, CA
20:03 min - Sep 10 - .MP4 - 1.69 GB


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Goddess Eden's rubber gimp has been begging and pleading with Her for weeks to tie him up tightly and lock him in a cage. Never one to be easily persuaded, the Goddess grows quickly bored of this repetitive pestering and locks the gimp up in an enormous vertical cage with a heavy rubber suit plus a gas mask on & helplessly restrained in a complicated device, wrists and ankles bound and locked into place in a seated position. The tall and glamorous Goddess Eden looks resplendent in Her black latex outfit and is ready to have some fun with Her rubber gimp, taunting and teasing him by intermittently cutting off his air supply with a long rubber hose. The gimp nothing short of panics while the Mistress laughs and toys with his breathing cruelly, then threatens to never let him out! A short while later, She finally frees him of the cage and leads him to a tiny room where Her devious assistant clad in black Medical Fetish gear is watching to shackle the gimp up. Goddess Eden has the gimp lay flat on a large leather bondage mat while Her assistant delights in shackling his wrists and ankles as he flails helplessly in his rubber suit as Goddess Eden controls his breathing through the long rubber tube on a whim. Ever particular, the Goddess keeps a close and watchful eye, making sure Her assistant secures all chains tightly with little room to move. Firmly bound in the spread eagle position, Goddess Eden then finally gets to play with Her rubber toy, who has proven to be a lot of hard work this evening! She delights in the rubber, rubbing his body all up and down and feeling the heavenly material all over Her beautiful body while She sensually purrs to him, helpless on the floor. Goddess Eden is such a tease! She then gets a rough with him, riding him like a pony while grabbing and squeezing his balls as hard as She can while he can do little to help as She laughs hysterically at his screaming objections from within the gasmask. Quickly growing bored with him, Goddess Eden saunters away to do something more amusing, leaving the rubber gimp in his suit and chained spread eagle to the floor. Pleas for mercy ignored, the rubber gimp is left behind by himself completely chained up in full bondage, for who knows how long, to be used again by the Goddess whenever the mood strikes Her