Harley Spanks Harley



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Arkham City Harley Quinn is pissed off by this cheap imitation of her. Suici1e Squad Harley looks like a slut and it's Arkham City Harley's job to teach her a lesson. She berates Suic1de Squad Harley and takes her over her knee to learn a hard painful lesson. Poor slutty Harley is spanked over her tiny booty shorts as Arkham Harley beats her ass red. Arkham Harley pulls down slut Harley's booty shorts and fishnets and continuously rains down blows from her harsh hand and big paddle. This will show Puddin' who his true love is! No one can compare to Arkham City Harley. Not even this new slutty tart. Who knows? Maybe Batman will have pity on you and take you in
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