Popcorn belching with my mouth wide open



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I have got some sweet popcorn to share with you! Join me! Let´s have a messy eating session with my most thunderous sweet belches. Can you smell their unmistakable movie scent? I open my mouth wide with every loud burp so as you can see the popcorn yellow pieces spread out all over my teeth so close to you. That would be so funny to share a cinema session together, we would devour a huge bucket of popcorn until we end up bursting our bellies, I would also gift you my fantastic belches. Choose the movie, what would you like? Terror? Drama? Comedy? I don´t care, you will have my tremendous and smelly belches as the soundtrack. I can´t stop eating the popcorn and burping, it is my big vice. Pieces of popcorn fill and protrude from my mouth, filling my cheeks. And you can´t take your eyes off my happy face and my big mouth like a pretty noisy monster´s. My powerful throat fascinates you. YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: it has been a long time without honoring yourself with a generous popcorn portion. HIGHLIGHTED: It is a pleasure to watch me eating with my mouth wide open. I mean it. INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW